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Thursday, 11 July 2013

LG Intros World’s Slimmest Full HD Screen with 5.2″ Display & 2.2mm Thickness – Details

LG Intros World’s Slimmest Full HD Screen with 5.2″ Display & 2.2mm Thickness – Details


While Samsung is still trying hard to commercialize the flexible screen displays, it now seems that LG will soon be coming up with the World’s Thinnest 1080p LCD Screen which comes at just 2.2mm thickness and has 5.2 inches of Screen Size. This thinnest screen from LG has been officially showcased and comes with the 2.3mm of Bezel which is a truly commendable job. Though the bezel on the device will be much greater than the 2.3mm, we can say that it will have one of the thinnest bezel ever. While the phones are getting thinner and thinner, it’s difficult to accommodate the larger battery in these devices.

LG Electronics calls this tech being used behind the screen as the Advanced One Glass Solution (OGS) which will be realized commercially very soon in its next generation of devices which will be available as soon this December 2013. The technology behind this involves the insertion of Dual flexible printed circuits between the LCD Panel and the touch film which results in 30% fewer lines on the Panel. Every pixel is RGB, and the screen can output 535 nits of brightness which is surprisingly higher than any 1080p Screen in the market which can currently produce.

We are also hearing the rumours that soon this display will be realized in the Optimus G2 smartphone which will be releasing very soon. By utilizing 1,080X1,920 pixels consisting of Red, Green, Blue (RGB) sub-pixels, the panel is a true Full HD display. Finally, measuring contrast in real-life surroundings with Ambient Contrast Ratio results in a reading of 3.74:1 based on 10,000 lux, which confirms the perfect performance even in Bright sunlight conditions.

Do let us know in the comments section about your thoughts on this World’s thinnest Display by LG Electronics.

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