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Sunday, 16 June 2013

How to Get iOS 7 Looks in your Android Phone – Guide

How to Get iOS 7 Looks in your Android Phone – Guide


For all those who are having envy about iOS 7 and has an android phone can now get the looks of iOS 7 right in their Android smartphone. While there are many ways wherein you can get the looks of iOS 7 right in your Android phone, lets check out one by one in the due course of this article.

iOS 7 Themed Launcher:
With 23+ Original icons as used in the iOS 7 along with the 3 Full HD Wallpapers, you can actually feel like you are using an iPhone as it almost gives the same feeling in terms of UI /UX. The icons which are stylized for iOS7 includes Facebook, Facebook messenger, Chrome, Skype, Instagram, Google hangouts, Viber, YouTube, Ebay, Play Magazines, PowerAmp, Winamp, Flipboard, Wikipedia. There will be many more new icons which will be added in the coming days.

The only sad part about this is that this is not FREE and costs almost a $. You can download this Nova Launcher of iOS 7 is mentioned below and can be installed in most of the Android tablets and smartphones.


In coming days, we will come with more such methods here in this article which will help you to transform your Android device to the iOS 7 looking device.

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