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Sunday, 16 June 2013

iOS 7 Vs Android 4.2 Vs Windows Phone 8 Vs Blackberry 10 – Comparison

iOS 7 Vs Android 4.2 Vs Windows Phone 8 Vs Blackberry 10 – Comparison


While there are still mixed reactions on iOS 7 which comes with an all new design, let’s check out a detailed comparison table which gives you a detailed insight on where each of the OS stands. While some say that iOS is an explicit copy of Windows Phone OS as well as from Android’s Jellybean OS, it has become tough for Apple to give out clarification. 

With Google keenly looking at the iOS 7, it seems like the next version of Android will surely be different from what we saw till now. Rumors are doing the rounds that the next version of Android will also be supporting the low end devices. In recent Android OS version, Jellybean 4.1 – 4.2.2 didn’t see many changes in terms of UI /UX and almost looked same.

iOS 7
Android 4.2
Windows Phone 8
BlackBerry 10
Control Center Varies by Manufacturer No Settings Menu Access to System Settings is Possible
Notification center Detailed notifications Live tile
BlackBerry Hub, badges
Multitasking preview Recently Used List Multitasking preview Active Frames grid
Surfaced camera modes Varies by Android skin Third-party
Video, Time Shift modes
Photos grouped by
years, location
Albums, other filters Albums, date Albums, recent
Shared photo stream Select Android Devices have it Share one by one Share one by one
Peer-to-peer sharing (AirDrop) Android Beam (NFC) Tap + Share (NFC) NFC sharing
Unified browser bar Yes Yes Yes
Personalized radio/discovery Google Play Music All Access Nokia Music Third-party app
Voice access to
system settings
Samsung’s S Voice No systems access No systems access
Automatic app updates Update All & Individual App Update option ‘Update all’ option Individual
No No No
In-dash integration
(iOS for cars)
Driving mode/S Drive Nokia Drive Third-party apps
iCloud Like Service No No No

While the iTunes Radio is Free for all service, Google has launched the All Access Music Service which comes with the subscription service which costs $10. Nokia Music too is a free service but only is limited to Windows Phones.

So, currently there are 4 Operating Systems which are ruling the charts which includes iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8. OS 7 today makes a big splash when it comes to its refined interface design and a smaller splash when it comes to its new feature set. Do let us know your thoughts on which one is your current favorite OS in the comments section below.

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