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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Moto X 2017 has been slipped into Motorola’s 44th anniversary video

Only yesterday, Moto USA has released a video on its YouTube account celebrating the past 44 years of cellular mobility and pays homage to Motorola’s greatest invention: the cellular phone. In the first few seconds of the video there is a brief montage of flip-phones and smartphones, a couple of which are not immediately recognizable.

, on top of the fact that the video is only available in 480p (limiting the amount of detail we can make out of a single frame), and we’ve got ourselves a great foundation for speculation.
One device in particular struck us. Consider that this particular frame of the video shows off a smartphone with antenna lines and a barely discernable rear-firing loudspeaker on the lower-right corner of the backplate. We have not seen a Moto smartphone use antenna lines in the past few generations, and although the Moto Z had a metal backplate, it used glass ”windows” to let signals pass... ( Read More)

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