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Friday, 11 April 2014

Samsung tests Galaxy S5 in 10 Ways before Launch, including Drop Test & Audio Tests

Samsung tests Galaxy S5 in 10 Ways before Launch, including Drop Test & Audio Tests


We users and reviewers are usually fond of dropping our devices to test them and show how good or bad the device build is, but do we have an idea whether the company actually does all this before launching the phone? at least this case with Samsung’s latest flagship is true. The Galaxy S5 was tested in different ways, dropped from certain heights and got impacts in different ways just for the company to understand how the internal packaging of the device gets affected with this.

Samsung tried to test the Galaxy S5 (check Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on) in various ways, which included the following ones:
Drop test – from different heights and angles
Radiation test in a Foam room
Thermal camera test to check the heat produced during tasks
Static electricity test as sometimes the phone can get damaged with even static
Wear and tear testing of the bottom capacitive touch and physical buttons
Camera test to check the quality of captures with the 16MP rear camera
Camera flash test to see how good the range of flash is
Sound quality test to check out the audio quality during calls
Other Audio tests for speakers

The tests were quite extreme, with a room filled with foam which absorbs the radiation, to check whether the radiations emitted are within the limits set in the particular region, and one of the tests was to understand how much the device gets heated up when certain tasks are being done by the users, as heating up has been one of the issues with the high-end devices. Samsung has even done different tests based on the regions because the level of noise and radiation is different for each model for different regions.

Check out the photos below to understand what Samsung tested before their flagship devices entered the markets today in the Worldwide market (except in South Korea where the device got an early release).

If you are going to be one of those buying the Galaxy S5, check out the Galaxy S5 tips and tricks to make the most out of this new flagship from Samsung.

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